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Other costs:
Shipping & handling: Orders of $80 or less, flat rate of $6.55 or carrier price, whichever is greater. All others, 8% of the value of the order or carrier price, whichever is greater. Sales tax: 6.25% for non-exempt customers with shipment to Massachusetts.

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Prices, discounts and availability are subject to change.

Volume discounts available on all books! Save when you order in bulk.

Discount Schedule

Volume Discount:

Discount   Total $ Value of Books
10%   $500 - $999
15%   $1,000 - $1,499
20%   $1,500 - $1,999
25%   $2,000+

Note: Volume Discounts are calculated automatically when ordering on-line and entering the quantity on the product page shopping cart. They are also calculated automatically when using the downloadable order form and filling it out on screen. Note that the discount for book store customers and purchases for resale is limited to a flat percentage described below.

Book Store Discount: Book stores, retail stores, and purchases for resale: flat 15% off the single unit list price. (Please order via telephone or fax.)